Residential Services

Residential Paving & Sealing Services for Rochester & Monroe County Residents

At North Coast Property Maintenance, our residential division offers a wide variety of services for today’s homeowner in Rochester, NY and throughout Monroe County. From traditional asphalt driveway sealing to asphalt patching and complete driveway repaving, we help you beautify your property with services you can truly rely on.

Our friendly team utilizes the best techniques to provide the highest-quality services. Using a brush instead of the traditional squeegee applies a larger amount of sealant to the driveway. This results in much greater protection for your driveway, which will go a long way to extending its lifespan.

What Makes Us Better?

We take great pride in every job we complete and strive to offer our customers the best service available. When sealing a driveway, we use a brush to apply the sealant rather than a squeegee. The brush technique applies considerably more sealant to the driveway. This results in much greater protection of the asphalt. Additionally, we take great care to apply sealant only to the asphalt.

In this example, we’ve sealed the entire surface first. Then a white stripe was painted horizontally across the center, over the first layer of sealant. Next, two stripes of sealant were applied vertically from top to bottom, over the white stripe. The vertical stripe of sealant on the left was applied with a brush, and the stripe on the right was applied with a squeegee. Notice that it is very hard to tell the difference when viewing the vertical sealant stripes against the original black background. However, when viewed over the white stripe, it is clear that the brush applies considerably more sealant.



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